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What can Meet the Youngsters do for you as employer?

Meet the Youngsters is an initiative of the Limburgse Werkgevers Vereniging (LWV; Limburg association of employers) and is the continuation of an umbrella project called Limburg Magnet. Meet the Youngsters is supported by the Limburg Economic Development (LED), Keyport 2020, the LWV, LLTB, MKB-Limburg and the Province of Limburg. The project is fully executed by SoapBox B.V.

Meet the Youngsters aims to inform students and their immediate environment (e.g. parents) – through an innovative online portal – about possible educational tracks and the resulting career perspectives and opportunities available at companies in Limburg and the region around it.Meet the Youngsters ultimately connects, energizes, and efficiently utilizes young talent for the labor market in Limburg.

What makes Meet the Youngsters unique?
– Your own student network
– A unique, focused matching system
– Improves your brand image
– Reduces resource expenditure (time and money)

Bind students to your organization:
Meet the Youngsters is a platform that connects companies to students at both secondary school (MAVO, HAVO, VWO) and college-level (MBO, HBO and WO). Meet the Youngsters strives to meet the following goals:

– Realize a more informed profile and study choice for students, based on actual career opportunities
– Better match supply and demand in the labor market
– Bind students to your organisation at an early stage of their career development, leading to the retainment of talent in Limburg.

Benefits for your company:
– Through a professional profile, your company is placed in the spotlight within Limburg
– Recruit specific students for internships and jobs
– Personal pool of students
– Focused matching system
– Reduction in expenditure (time and money)
– No mediation fee

The Meet the Youngsters platform has been developed from the ground-up by the Limburgian company SoapBox. SoapBox is a marketing agency that creates new tools for both employers and (semi)governments to better reach their target customers. You may have heard of SoapBox from regional competitions such as “Het Leukste Dorp van Limburg”, “Techniek maken wij” and “LIOF Yeah!”.


If you would like to know more about theMeet the Youngsters platform and the opportunities available to your company or educational institution, please contact us.

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