Intern during the COVID-19 Epidemic

Due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, many companies have had to drastically change their system. Many people work completely from home, or partly in the office, while others close their entire business. For students, this time has also been very hard, not only has the system of education been changed, but interns often work according to a different system as well. What about the students active at Meet the Youngsters? At Meet the Youngsters there are 3 interns active every period, each with a different view on the company. One of these interns is Alaa. Alaa is a student International Business and started his internship on February 10, 2020.

“I advise all international students to use the platform of “Meet the Youngsters” especially to find suitable opportunities in this difficult time.”

My name is Alaa, I am from Syria and I study International Business in Maastricht. For my graduation internship I was looking for something different, a special way to finish my studies and Meet the Youngsters helps me to achieve this goal. Since I started in February, every day was different and I had a lot of tasks until the Cornavirus started to spread and we mainly had to work from home. At first I thought it would be boring to work alone, but fortunately this was not the case with Meet the Youngsters. The current system that is being used now works perfectly for me. Everything runs digitally, twice a week we have an online team meeting and when someone needs help with a task or a question, this is picked up within the team. It is precisely through this collaboration that my competencies are further developed. I particularly like the relationship with working together and working independently.