It’s a Serious Game

In spite of the Corona virus, employers and stakeholders in the technical sector will continue to face challenges in the coming years in the area of educating, training and recruiting existing and new personnel.


In addition to this challenge, new digital techniques will become available that will change jobs as we know today, such as augmented reality. This disruption also has a direct influence on captivating and bonding of current employees. The challenges for the coming years are therefore to enthuse young people for technique and prepare them for the new techniques.


To meet this complex challenge, ProfCore, Perfact Group, Soapbox Jongerenmarketing and Meet the Youngsters have teamed up in the project ‘It’s a Serious Game!’, which uses serious interactive gaming to enthuse the young generation within education for the new technical professions and to train and educate their own employees.


It’s a serious game consists of a mobile escape room, 3D movies of workstations in technology and a Mini Living Lab (Mini Factory) with sensors in a physical and virtual version.


On the website you will find more information and you can request the funds.