Nobody should miss it… the first relaxation of the Corona measures since the outbreak of the virus. April 21 at 7:00 PM Prime Minister Rutte indicated in a press conference that primary schools can open again from 11 onwards, but with customization.

A number of developments will occur. Parents, children and teaching staff who cannot / do not want to participate for personal reasons, teachers who do not feel safe to teach, children who have to find their place again, workload, etc. We want to help schools facilitate rich growth. – and development offer for children, taking into account and appropriate to the current circumstances. Children want to meet again, get going in a practical way, exercise together, make music together, etc. Work together on what is going on. Exploring the world together, starting with all the beauty that their immediate surroundings have to offer.

To make that possible, we are creating a Meanwhile for education. This gives us the space to learn from each other.

You go to school to learn. We believe that you can also learn a lot from the world around you.

The Project “Ondertussen” connects:

  • culture
  • sports
  • profession and company
  • Education

In the meantime, we bring supply and demand together.